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I had a great experience with George Morrison and his team. George’s attention to detail and management of all subcontractors and work site personnel was outstanding. He communicated well with me and was very responsive to all my questions and concerns and I had a million of them! Also, George was very cognizant of my time and budget. They are a trustworthy and fairly priced construction company.

The dental office build-out is beyond my expectations. George has been a real pleasure to work with and when I’m ready to expand I certainly will be using their services again and I highly recommend their company.

Neeraja Narayanan DMD, FAGD

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Next week my fourth dental office will be unveiled, and it will mark the fourth time that I have collaborated with George Morrison, Sr. and Jr. My experiences with Unique Services have been very impressive.

Their dedication, responsibility, coordination, and efficiency have kept me a loyal customer over the years. They have always maximized the use of my budgets and completed projects on time. Unique Services has consistently paid close attention and given careful thought to every little detail, and the final product is always well done; leaving me a very satisfied customer. I want to thank Unique Services for their assistance throughout the years, knowing that I can always count on them. I strongly recommend Unique Services to anyone!

Dr. Helen Lang, D.D.S.

Your strong suits are honesty, respectfulness, and responsibility. You established a trust with us right from the beginning of the project. You offered superior communication, providing snapshot highlights to possible challenges affecting budget or schedule well in advance, allowing us to make thoughtful choices. Clearly you are very experienced, making you better equipped to manage and problem-solve the unique issues every project runs across. You made our experience very easy to transition from our old office to the new.

Susan Messier, Medical Consultant for Y. Natalie Jeong, D.M.D., P.C.

My new office is beautiful, and I get compliments from my patients all the time. I have worked with different contractors on numerous personal business-related projects, but working with you by far has been the best. Not only were there no horror stories, it was a great experience. Thank you!

Dr. Daniel Varallo, D.M.D., P.C

I was in the process of getting bids for construction of a new dental office on a site not previously used as dental office space, and I contacted George Morrison of Unique Services Construction on the advice of a dental school classmate whose office they had built. As with most dentists building for the first time, I was overwhelmed with the process and needed a highly skilled and knowledgeable contractor to help guide me through such a difficult path. In hindsight, choosing Unique Services as my contractor was one of the best business decisions that I have made. Because of their many years of experience constructing dental offices, George Sr. and Jr. are very familiar with the dental profession and what it takes to create a well-functioning and beautiful dental space. They can consult and coordinate with the dental supply companies efficiently because they know dental equipment and how to install it. Most contractors do not have this knowledge. They are very easy to talk with and will help you make difficult decisions that inevitably arise during the project. For many, these surprises create tension and anxiety during a build out, but with the Morrison's guidance, I had an anxiety free experience. And the best part is that the project bid was very competitive and they completed the office on budget and on time. In fact, their bid was so competitive that I was able to add some additional features to my office that I initially did not have planned. I cannot recommend Unique Services more strongly. If you are looking for an experienced, efficient, and professional construction company to build, expand, or renovate your office, you have found the winning team!

Dr. Michael Putt

Thank you for all your services during my recent dental office renovations. From our initial meeting throughout the entire process, your company was very thorough and professional. The fact that you were able to coordinate the renovations with NO down time for my patients or staff was ever so helpful. Also, whenever I had a question or concern and you were unavailable, your office responded to my phone calls or emails promptly, a factor which cannot be overlooked when undertaking such a project. Thank you again!

Dr. Dennis H. Sherman, D.M.D., P.C.

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